Ensuring Brand Continuity in a
Franchise-enabled Marketspace


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Corporate brand owners seek consistency and continuity across the digital signage network with an easy-to-use, management system.
They want to distribute signage media (menu-boards, advertisements, POP campaigns) to their franchisees along with usage guidelines.
Franchisees wish to localize the media content (prices, language, promotions etc.) and publish it on their in-store signage screens.

How it works

BrandSignage by Mvix for Brand Consistency across digital signage network

Published on May 24, 2013 www.brandsignage.com | BrandSignage is a cloud-based application for ensuring brand consistency across a digital signage network. Ideal for use for corporate brand owners who leverage their brand across their franchisees

Digital Signage Cloud-based Content Design WYSIWYG Tool | Mvix

Published on Sep 6, 2013 www.signagetemplates.com | 866.310.4923 Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates for your digital signage projects. Ranging from Restaurant Menu Boards, to Office Signs, Lobby signage, Hotels and Hospital Public Signage, Mvix offers an easy-to-use, web-based template editor for drag-and-drop publishing on digital signage screens. Contact 866.310.4923 for additional information.

key features

Web-based Template Creation

Template Creation

Corporate brand owners can upload menu-board templates via a web-based, easy-to-use template management system. A simple web-editor enables adding / editing of images and text to templates. Templates can be assigned to select franchisees along with permissions to edit each layer.

"Drag and Drop"
Template editor

A simple, web-based management system allows both corporate brand owners and franchisees to edit each layer of the template. New images can be uploaded from a local PC or selected from an approved media library. Text modifications include a variety of fonts, sizes, colors, alignments, shadow-effects etc.

WYSIWYG Drag and Drop editor
Template and Playlist Assignments

Template and
Permission Assignments

Each template can be assigned to a specific franchisee along with editing and publishing priviledges. Corporate brand owners have authority on every layer of each template. Editing permissions can be provided to each franchisee via a simple click.

POP Advertisement
Campaign Management

Corporate brand managers can upload POP Ad media (images and videos) and classify them as mandatory-national campaigns with expiration dates or non-manadatory-local campaigns.

Template and Playlist Assignments
Corporate Local Playlists

National +
Local Campaigns

Franchisee publishes a collection of campaigns as playlists. Each playlist contains all mandatory-national campaigns and a selection of non-mandatory campaigns. Franchisees can have multiple playlists and each playlist can be assigned to a screen and also to specific store locations

Text / Image layers

Each element (text or image) on the template is contained within a layer (or zone). Permissions can be assigned for each layer to make them editable or restricted, thus ensuring brand consistency.

Media Library

Brand administrators can upload an approved set of product / food images for use with each template. This media library can be made available to franchisees to ensure consistent look-and-feel across the signage network.

User Management

BrandSignage can be used by three levels of users - Corporate administrators, Franchisee admins and a Store / Venue admins. Corporate admin manages multiple franchisees. Franchisee admin manages multiple stores.

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns are uploaded by brand administrators. Campaign playlists are configured and published by franchisees. Schedules and expiration dates keeps the campaigns relevant.

Media Support

Point-of-purchase Ad campaigns can be static image posters or vivid videos. BrandSignage supports a variety of media formats to keeps the signage display live and entertaining.

Web Interface

The primary goal of BrandSigange is to ensure ease of use. Built on the state-of-art, HTML5/CSS3 platform, BrandSignage offers intuitive interface and is accessible from any location via a standard, modern browser.


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Ensuring brand consistency
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